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Momo - new website


On our 30th birthday, we are proud to announce the launch of our new website, where you can see in detail updated information about our team, machinery, works and services with the highest technology for moulds.

Always optimistic, despite current adversities that we are all living, we look towards the future to continue offering the best service to our customers.

On this ocassion, the agency that has helped us in this corporate update has been AGENCIA SOTO, a MARKTECH agency that implements the latest digital technologies and has a highly qualified team, among whow I would like to highlight its founder and friend Ana Castrillo-Soto and her Digital Content Manager, Paola Falcó, who have made this project possible after months of work with impeccable advice, professionalism and care. Thank you very much!

Always in line with our company slogan:” Continuous improvement and development”, we hope you like it. Let's start!